Our commitments

Driven by Safety

Safety should play an even more central role in our lives. This is why the Van Damme Group is launching a new safety campaign.

Its goal? Zero loss. Its mission? Bringing safety even more to life.

And in the broader sense, in our opinion, the members of our team also have families at home who love them and need them.

They shouldn’t only be working safely for their own sakes, but for the sake of their children, their partners and their parents. The same goes for their colleagues and their families, or those of our clients or subcontractors. Nothing satisfies us more than seeing everyone return home in full safety and on top form.

Zero loss

Safety should become more than an obligation: a reflex.

This is where we aim to be particularly ambitious: we are aiming at zero loss. Every single accident in the workplace is one too many. They can and must be avoided. The absence of physical suffering is our first (and main) source of motivation.

“Zero loss” also refers to the absence of material loss, reputational damage and financial injury (both for workers and their families as well as for the employer).

Corporate social responsibility

The Van Damme Group is working non-stop on building the future. We do this by investing in our personnel, our environment and our clients. Sustainability is built into our DNA. We focus on human capital and sustainable energy consumption so that we can meet the needs of the future in a flexible and considered way which respects people and the environment.

Attention to our personnel

Our employees are at the heart of our company and your project. We take great pleasure in keeping motivation levels high:

  • We keep the level of expertise high and promote talent through continuous training.
  • Our health policy bolsters our employees against illness and workplace stress.
  • With our newly designed cabs, adjustable seats and automatic gearboxes, we do all we can to reduce the physical strain for our drivers.

CO2 performance scale


The CO2 performance scale is a tool designed to encourage companies taking part in tenders to be aware of CO2, both when it comes to their own management and when carrying out projects. The challenges here are: energy savings, the efficient use of materials and the availability of sustainable energy.

The CO2 performance scale is primarily used in the Netherlands to promote sustainability in tendering processes. But similar initiatives are springing up in our country too.

The scale works according to the principle of rewarding effort. A higher score on the scale offers a certain advantage in the tendering process in the form of a notional reduction on the price being submitted.

The CO2 performance scale comprises five levels of “maturity”. The company can reach a higher level by improving their existing practices and by innovating when it comes to technology and methods.


The Van Damme Group recently took stock of its most significant energy flows and evaluated the group’s energy consumption with the aim of improving its overall energy performance.

All of the measures are set out in the Energy Action Plan. They are based on the following points:

  • innovation in the area of reducing CO2 emissions from the machinery fleet (general roll out of the EURO VI standard);
  • reduction in the impact of CO2 resulting from company cars;
  • optimising energy flows in the company’s buildings.