JC Agri

All agricultural work: from sowing to harvest

  • 9Preparation of the soil: labour, stubble ploughing, manure spreading, spraying of land of agricultural origin, skimmings and compost, sowing, stone crushing…
  • 9Bioenergy: transport and spreading, methanisation unit management
  • 9Buying and selling of fodder
  • 9Harvesting and silage

Short of time or material?

Are you short of time or you don’t have the equipment you need to harvest your cereals or grain maize?

Our agricultural works company can service your harvest with care and professionalism. Quality of work (clean grain, minimal losses, clearcutting), good quality of straw once threshed. You can count on our expertise for all your harvesting needs:

  • 9Barley, wheat, oats, colza, buckwheat, grain maize
We can offer you high quality machinery as well as an agricultural workshop.

Quality, environment, safety and service

The limited company J.C. AGRI is permanently striving to improve quality among its employees by making sure that a wide range of training is on offer. Our company has developed flexible logistics for last minute orders enabling us to respond to a client’s query immediately. We always know exactly where our vehicles are at any given moment, thanks to a geotracking system. For years, we have been investing in training to improve safety and working conditions. Our aim is to show our workers just how seriously we take these matters. This is why our workers are concerned with all aspects of safety.

Our history


The company J.C. AGRI was created in 1998 by Mr and Mrs Van Damme. It is based in Baisy-Thy and was formed following the acquisition of two Heston hay bale presses in the wake of a bankruptcy. The couple’s son, aged 16 at the time, was taking a keen interest in agriculture. Walter Van Damme already owned a transport company, but their son convinced them to invest in the agriculture sector. That very same year, they also acquired two John Deere tractors for drawing the hay bale presses.

They started out just doing work on their own agricultural land. Word of mouth then meant that farmers in the region started asking them to work for them as well. Given the steady growth in the number of clients, two years after their first acquisition, they decided to double their equipment by buying two new Clase bale presses and two new John Deere tractors.

The problem with bale presses is that the activity is seasonal and that the tractors were only working two or three months a year, in summer during stubble ploughing. The Van Dammes decided to buy four new earth skips so that they could work with their tractors all year round. This was a major investment and meant they could start to branch out into different areas.

Fierce competition in the construction market forced them to expand their range of services. In the early days, they hired the machinery they needed to work on clients’ sites as they didn’t have everything they needed. But slowly but surely, they started to acquire different machinery required for site works such as cranes, bulldozers and even water tanks.

Today, 15 years after it was created, the company has around thirty machines that can be used for agricultural works and levelling. As far as the meaning of the name J.C. AGRI goes, it is simply the initials of Mr and Mrs Van Damme, John and Christophe and “AGRI” standing for agricultural.