Sifting and crushing

Sifting and crushing

The Van Damme Group takes care of the storage, sorting, sifting and crushing of inert waste from the building and demolition sectors.

From an ecological point of view, reusing them in this way gives a new lease of life to materials approaching the end of their lifespan.

The sifter is an instrument punctuated with holes so that objects of varying dimensions, such as wheat or ore can be sifted and cleaned.

It has a wide range of applications such as sand, compost aeration, trench backfilling, topsoil sifting, gravel and coal, crushed rock, slag, ash sifting, recycled materials, recycling of building site debris, bark, concrete, iron ore and silica glass.

To satisfy our clients’ needs, our company uses materials designed for optimal performance. Below you can see some photos of our sifter in action.