The company: Van Damme Transport

Trust the work of a passionate partner

The Van Damme Group’s expertise is reflected in its enormous fleet of state-of-the-art machinery: over 285 trucks, bulldozers, low bed trailers, dumpers and cranes all at your service. The company has its own maintenance service, meaning that the machinery is always ready for use for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Infrastructure, hoisting and transport projects are not merely a job to us. They are also our passion. Day after day, the Van Damme Group puts its all into your project by constantly seeking out the solution that is best placed to meet your specific needs and wants.

Quality, environment, safety and service

VAN DAMME W. Transport & Sons is permanently striving to improve quality among its employees by making sure that they have access to a wide range of training.

Our company has developed flexible logistics for last minute orders enabling us to respond to a client’s query immediately. We always know exactly where our vehicles are at any given moment, thanks to a geotracking system.

For years, we have been investing in training to improve safety and working conditions. Our aim is to show our workers just how seriously we take these matters. This is why our workers are concerned with all aspects of safety.

We do our utmost to protect and respect the environment so that our children and grandchildren can look to the future with confidence. This is why VAN DAMME W. Transport & Sons is meticulous about replacing the oldest vehicles with new ones in line with the latest environmental standards.



Our history

  • Van Damme Transport was created on 5 October 1976.
  • At the beginning, Walter Van Damme only had one truck and he drove it himself.
  • In 1981, Cécile Van Damme joined the company to take care of administrative tasks whilst Walter Van Damme gradually slowed down his driving activity to focus instead on maintaining rolling stock.
  • In 1998, Van Damme Walter Transport became the limited company Van Damme-Deschamps & Son (formed in September 1997).
  • In July 2001, it was time for Christophe Van Damme to join the family firm.
  • In April 2012, the second son, John Van Damme joined the family firm too.